Main Work
CCK Structure
Korean Churches, confronting the 2nd Century since having received the Gospel, have contributed to the evangelization and development of Korea in the Grace of Jesus Christ. But because of conflict and discord between the conservative and progressive Ch urches, Korean

Churches have strayed from the cause. When in need of unity this discord has created difficult problems. Because of this, the Korean Church's voice is small, despite its size.

It is because of this situation that the leaders of each denomination met in May 1989, where The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) was formed at the Inaugural General Assembly.

The CCK is a cooperative organiza tion of Christian denominations that follow the teaching of the Old and New Testament. The orga nization's purpose is to study, con fer and work together for the accomplishment of the Church's earthly mission,while maintaining the individ-uality of its members.

For the sake of unity and the innate mission of the Church, we hope that all Christian denominations and organizations and its leaders in Korea take part in the Christian Council of Korea. The CCK pledges to rehabilitate an original identity of the Korean Church, so that it may properly cope with all problems and issue, inside and outside of the Church, and bring glory to its standing not only in Korean history but also the World.