Main Work
CCK Structure
1. Revival and Renew / Combine and Unity of Korean Churches

1) Practical Upright , Moderation ,      Love     Movement
2) Self-Purification Movement
3) Revival Churches Movement
4) Work for combine and unity of      Korean Churches
5) Work to cultivate Christian      leader for the next generation
6) Campaign to help neighbor

7) Revitalization of <The 21st Century     Christian Institute>
8) Development of mission policy and working cooperation
9) Work for Internet mission and informationizing for Churches
10) Work for countermeasure against heresy and consultation for the sufferer
2. Suggestion to the government and society / Preservation of environment

1) The Nation Reconciliation      Movement
2) Biblical Filial Piety Movement
3) Social Service Movement to      serve and share
4) Family Rehabilitation      Movement
5) Rice of Love Movement
6) Campaign to help neighbor
7) Foundation and operation


    Christian Prison
8) Preparation measures of preservation environment and campaign
9) Holding a devotional prayer meeting for the country and nation
10) The study to the Law of religious property

3. Work for peaceful unification of Korea and evangelization of North-Korean

1) Reconstructing the North      Korean Churches Movement
2) Governing Unification Mission      College in the inside and      outside country
3) Support North Korean      Movement
4) Cooperation South & North      Churches for mission
5) Making a study of Unification &      Mission Policy

6) Support to Settle North Korean Refugees
7) Helping North Korean Refugees Movement
8) Human Rights Movement for North Korean

4. Mission to the world and International cooperation

1) Development of policy and      strategy for world mission
2 ) Establishment International      Network and Cooperation for      mission
3) Safeguarding alien workers      rights
4) Cooperation with World      Churches and Korean      Diaspora Churches

5) Sending 46 thousand missionary Movement until 2030
6) Support world mission by Christian dominations and organizations
7) Propelling to build World Mission Center
8) Support medical missionary

5. Laity / Women Movement and Cultivation Youth Leader


1) Women Unity Movement
2) Laity Unity Movement
3) Bidding prayer Movement
4) Increasing effect of wholesome      youth culture
5) Propelling a wholesome      student  political activity
6) Million Laity Leader Training      Movement

7) Governing < Korean Youth Leader College >< Korean Juvenile Leader College >
8) Revitalization of mission for youth and undergraduate

6. Culture , Art , Gymnastics and Media , Publication

1) Increasing effect of Christian      culture Art
2) Work for gymnastics mission
3) Mission for cultured person ,      artist , athlete
4) Excavation and Preservation      Christianity Assets
5) Awarding
    <Prize of Media , Publication>


6) Awarding <Grand Prize of  Culture &     Art Mission>
7) Publication of CCK Journal
8) Improvement Image of Christianity and strengthening the ties with the people  through      public relations